Cuisle: “Iris Don Aois Nua”

The magazine Cuisle was published over a period 18 months between 1998 and 2000 when I was just starting to learn Irish. At the time I would read any material in Irish that I could put my hands on, and I quickly subscribed when I heard about the slick new Irish language magazine that had just come out. I enjoyed Cuisle a great deal, in part because it opened a window for me onto a vibrant, modern Irish language community in the Gaeltacht.

I am grateful to Foilseacháin an Phobail Teo. and Uinsionn Mac Dubhghaill, the magazine's original editor, for permission to scan the old print editions that were in my basement and put them up on the Internet. My wife scanned the pages, and I created the searchable PDF versions using OCR software. Unfortunately, the quality of the pictures is quite poor, but I was trying to limit the size of the PDF files (each one is 5-7MB as it is). Enjoy!

Kevin Scannell
Saint Louis
28 December 2015

Issue 1, October 1998

Issue 2, November 1998

Issue 3, December 1998

Issue 4, January 1999

Issue 5, February 1999

Issue 6, March 1999

Issue 7, April 1999

Issue 8, May 1999

Issue 9, June 1999

Issue 10, July/August 1999

Issue 11, September 1999

Issue 12, October 1999

Issue 13, November 1999

Issue 14, December 1999

Issue 15, January 2000

Issue 16, February 2000

Issue 17, March 2000