Several thousand people are using GaelSpell on a regular basis, either the Firefox or LibreOffice addon, or version for Microsoft Word published by Cruinneog. Unfortunately, only rarely has anyone suggested new words for addition to the database; I'd love to see many more people contribute to the project in this way.

GaelSpell development is hosted on GitHub. There you'll find the source code repository (going back to 2001) and the system we use for tracking bugs and enhancement requests. If you'd rather not bother with GitHub, you are welcome to email me questions or suggestions (kscanne at gmail ponc com).

The Firefox and LibreOffice addons allow users to add words to a “personal dictionary” when GaelSpell flags a word as incorrect even though you're happy with it, as happens frequently with proper names and sometimes with dialect forms. Because of this, a very easy way to contribute words is to submit the contents of your personal dictionary. Where this file is stored depends on the application you're using GaelSpell with, and the operating system you are using. For example on Mac OS X the Firefox personal dictionary is stored here:

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/{profilename}/persdict.dat

More information is available from mozillaZine.

For LibreOffice (version 4 or later) on Mac OS X, the personal dictionary is stored here:

~/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/4/user/wordbook/standard.dic

To find your LibreOffice user profile on other platforms, see this page.

The GaelSpell word list already contains a large number of Irish personal names and placenames, but these were not added in a very systematic way, and there are likely quite a few gaps in coverage. If there is anyone with a particular interest in this area that would like to help, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at kscanne at gmail ponc com.