LaTeX Installation

The installation may vary according to the distribution of TeX/LaTeX that you use (I use teTeX). Path names in the instructions are given relative to your system texmf directory; for me this is /usr/share/texmf.

  1. Download the file gahyph.tex from CTAN.
  2. Copy it into the directory tex/generic/hyphen.
  3. Run texhash to tell LaTeX about the new file:
    # texhash
  4. Insert a line of the form
    irish   gahyph.tex
    in the file tex/generic/config/language.dat.
  5. Go into the subdirectory web2c and run initex to compile the patterns and rebuild the latex.fmt file:
    # initex latex.ltx
    or else rebuild everything (pdflatex, etc.) with fmtutil:
    # fmtutil --all

LaTeX Usage

To typeset an Irish document, simply add the lines

to the preamble and compile using LaTeX as usual. This sets the default language of the document to Irish. If you need to include some English passages, change the "babel" line above to:
and use \selectlanguage in the body of the document as follows:
Is \'easca na fleisc\'{\i}n\'{\i}
a chur san \'aireamh anois.

We don't talk no foreign talk
round these here parts.

Bainfidh m\'e \'us\'aid as an acmhainn seo.

Important Remarks